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Code of Conduct

The first and foremost responsibility of each employee around working at A S Martindale Lifescience is to abide by the company's policies on business conduct. Each employee must comply not only with the letter of these policies, but also with their spirit.
Our policies on business conduct, are reviewed annually to ensure they meet or exceed evolving legal standards and societal expectations.

The values and standards embodied in A S Martindale Lifescience Code of Conduct are designed to promote ethical business practices as our employees conduct activities in a continuously evolving business environment and deter employee misconduct. These core values included in the Code of Conduct are intended to foster:

Compliance with company policies and applicable governmental laws, rules and regulatory requirements
Safeguards to protect the privacy of personal information, as well as honesty and transparency in communications about our products
Measures to mitigate potential conflicts of interest
Prompt internal reporting of potential violations of the Code of Conduct and policies
Employee accountability for adherence to the values and standards set forth in the Code of Conduct