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Do you supply products other than those on your product list ?
The product-list supplied here is only partial. We will endeavour to supply any item requested. Please make an enquiry and we will respond promptly to your request.

How long are your expiry dates ?
We conduct stringent expiry date checking procedures to ensure that all our stocks or new orders have sufficient expiry date on them. However, if you specify your minimum date requirements at the time of placing the order and we will do our best endeavour to comply with your specifications.

What kind of Cold Chain Equipment-refrigerator you have in place ?
Degree of cold chain are being achieved as per recommendation by manufacturer.

How do you package your products ?
All our products are packaged using specialised Technology. This technology guarantees a consistent temperature

What are the payment terms ?
Our payment terms for are strictly by Full Payment in Advance prior to collection. For customers whom we have a long-term relationship with, we do consider Letter of Credit.

Finally Our Business?
There are five great reasons to do business with us
  • We are a well reputed organisation in India with sufficient experience in the pharmaceutical industry
  • We guarantee our sources are genuine and we will meet your quality requirements.
  • We have a very wide network / connections in India and can source most of your requirements at the most competitive rates.
  • Our services ? from sales to delivery ? are prompt, professional and reliable. You wouldn't have a reason to complain.
  • We have a local representative in your country that you can directly liaise with for your requirements thus eliminating the barriers of time-zones and remote impersonal communications.